Kitulgala- Sri Lanka

First of all, I must stress that this is one of the most amazing adventures I had in my life. It was truly amazing and I recommend it to everyone.

Kitulgala is situated in the wet zone forest area in Sri Lanka which is situated approximately 90Km(55 miles) away from Colombo, which is the capital of Sri Lanka. The place is pure and I would say untouched by the man.(I meant it is a pure wildlife experience).

Kitulgala is mainly famous for its amazing white water rafting sites. There are trained instructors to assure you safety and I must say they are pretty confident with their job. Because there was kind of like a waterfall where we had to jump down the waterfall as a part of the packaged we purchased. It’s called confidence jumping.And when some of us hesitated, the instructor pushed us down to the pool below.The water in those rock pools was pure and cold.But I think I got healed with the magical healing powers of the water.:). I mean you can just feel it.They know what is safe and what is not safe.There are about 7 rock pools like this in the whole trek.  Also, it’s absolutely true when I say that this jump boosted my confidence to a whole new level.

Confidence jumping at Kitulgala Sri Lanka
Confidence jumping at Kitulgala

There was also a fun activity called Stream slides where we got to slide down the stream.

Stream slide at kitulgala
a Stream slide at Kitulgala

White water rafting is an amazing experience too, without any doubt.After the adventure part and in a calm part of the river the instructor asked us to jump into the river. I honestly felt like I was in the movie ” Amazon”. Because it was a pure wild experience.There’s not a hint of human existence and there you are floating on the face of a huge river.There are fish swimming in the river too. Which are completely harmless by the way.It was amazing. Kitulagala is completely safe for white water rafting and other water sports except for some shallow parts. But you are covered as the instructors know what to do.The danger is negligible. Also if you want to have an adventure isn’t a little risk unavoidable? 😀

Sri lanka- Kithulgala WHilte water rafting
White water rafting at Kitulgala
Swimming in the cool and clean waters of the rain forest
Swimming in the cool and clean waters of the rain forest

I forgot to mention as any other adventurous activity which includes a little risk, at Kitulgala also we had to sign documents releasing the entertainment provider if any harm was done. But take care of your own safety and you should be good as reported accidents are very very rare.

So if you are a local who wants to get away from day to day life or if you are a foreigner trying to get a true sense of Sri Lankan natural beauty, Kitulgala is a place to explore, No doubt about it.

It cost us around 1500/= Sri Lankan Rupees( Around 13 USD) per person. And it was more than worth it.

You can find more information on this site about prices and all. I am NOT recommending this site. I don’t get any commission or anything out of this.This is purely just for your information.

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